Why QuizStud?

Below you'll find a number of special characteristics that makes QuizStud special.

Earn money with creating quizzes!

Publish quizzes and earn money


If you create quizzes in QuizStud and publish them in the QuizStore, you receive a fee for every time someone else downloads your quiz.

The fee you receive consists of "credits". These credits can then be exchanged for real money. So the more quizzes you create and the more people use your quizzes, the more money you earn.







Easily print your own exams!

Export quizzes to Word or PDF


It is very easy for teachers to make all kinds of examinations in QuizStud, because all participants of quizzes are been registered and the results are quite simple to download.

It is also possible to print your own quizzes by clicking on the "export/print" button. This allows you to use the quizzes both online and offline.






Use images as answers!

Answer options with images


In addition to use text as an answer possibility to your questions, you can also use images.

By using images to answer questions, makes playing quizzes even more enjoyable. Also the use of graphics within answers makes quizzes extra instructive, because you have to recognize the picture first before you can answer the question.









Place quizzes in different groups!

Place quizzes in groups or classes


You can easily group quizzes in QuizStud. This makes it possible to play quizzes per group or class and store the results separately.

The results that the participants have obtained in a group, are also taken along to a next round. In that way you can organize a sort of competition over a longer period of time with different groups.











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