QuizStud is perfect for bars and pubs

QuizStud is an online platform where bar owners can create their own exciting Quiz Nights and where customers can anticipate with their smartphone or tablet. It's primarily designed as an additional entertainment systeem for customers of bars and pubs.


You create quizzes in QuizStud in 3 simple steps:

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Step 1

You register at make.quizstud.com or by clicking on the "Sign in as quizmaster" button.


Step 2

Then you name your quiz and add questions with at least two possible answers.


Step 3

If you have designed enough questions, you click on "Play" and your quiz will start straight away.





Why use QuizStud?

Check out the big advantages of using QuizStud:

   A real competition will occur among the players because of the visible High Score.

   There will be more interaction, because you can instantly see who has answered what.

   The different answers can be suited with images.

   Anyone can join a quiz, because QuizStud can be used on any mobile device.

   The quizzes can be converted directly into a test or exam on paper.

   You can use more text within your questions and answers.

   You don't have to make up the questions yourself, you can also easily download them.

   You can organize a competition that is spread out over several different quizzes.

   By publishing quizzes in the QuizStore you can earn money.

   You do not have to pay for each participant, so the number of players is unlimited.

   Participants that played a quiz can play the same quiz again at home if they want to.

The different devices that you can use with QuizStud




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