Tips for creating quizzes

Below you'll find several tips that you can use to make your quizzes more fun.

TIP 1: Give instructions

Before you start the quiz it is wise that you inform the players about how they can earn points. Indicate that they can get 10 points for each correct answer, but if they change their answer, before the time has expired, they loose 1 point for each time they change.

Please also explain that the time does not affect the number of points a player can earn and that they can save their score at the end of the quiz. If they save their score at QuizStud, they can play the same quiz again later at home. Unless you don't want this and have disabled this feature in the backend.


TIP 2: Discuss answers

It's educational for those who participate in the quiz to discuss the possible answers after each question. In this way it becomes clear why a certain answer is correct and another false.


TIP 3: Control the pace

With long questions in combination with long answers, it's sometimes difficult for players who have reading problems, if they have to respons quickly. Therefore, it is wise as a quizmaster to read the first question load and then clicking on start button. That way, players have a little more time to read the question and answers.


TIP 4: Save the results

At the end of a quiz you can easily save the results of all players by clicking on the "export/print" button in a quiz and then choose session. That way you can easily keep track of all points of all players who have played a particular quiz.


TIP 5: Create groups

The advantage of QuizStud is that you can create different groups in which you can place different quizzes. That way it's easy to keep track of the scores of players who have played quizzes in a particular group. That might be useful if you want to organize a competition, existing of different quizzes, with the same group of players.


TIP 6: Download quizzes and or questions

If you want to create a quick quiz, but you have limited time or inspiration, you should go to the QuizStore. There you can download all kinds of quizzes that other people have made. You can also choose to only download and import a question into your own quiz. This saves a lot of time and makes quizzes even more fun.


TIP 7: Use images in answers

In order to use more variety in the way of asking questions and answers, it's nice to have pictures in your answers. That way players must do two things to actually answer the question. Firstly they interpret the images, so that they know where an image stands for and secondly they choose the right picture that is the correct answer. This gives an additional dimension to a quiz.


TIP 8: Publish your own quizzes

If you publish your own quizzes in the QuizStore and someone else downloads your quiz, you'll receive a fee. If your quizzes are quite popular in the QuizStore and they are widely downloaded, you can get a decent compensation for it.


TIP 9: Promote your own quizzes

If you have published different quizzes in the QuizStore, it is wise that you tell as many people as possible about it. You can easily do this via various Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Tell as many friends and family that you have created a fun quiz in QuizStud and hopefully they will download your quiz.


TIP 10: Export your quizzes to Word

If you want to play your quizzes with large groups of players, but there is no internet connection available at the place where you want to do this, you can also export your quizzes to Word or PDF. That way you can always play your quizzes everywhere. Also if there is no internet.



Do you have any tips yourself on how to use QuizStud even better? Please let us know. We will add them here.